Modern & Efficient

Our approach centers around our PAW – an optimized configuration for landings, take-offs, drone charging, and passenger comfort. The modularity of the design offers flexibility by allowing a PAW to be replicated as many times as needed for the size of the space and anticipated demand. The design can be adapted to a range of environments and locations. We incorporated proven construction methods and materials that make the PAW and SKYPORT by Gannett Fleming a concept that can be built today.

Design Features & Benefits

  • Can accommodate both high-demand and low-demand areas, enabling the SKYPORT to serve a variety of environments

  • Is able to be constructed atop or between existing buildings and expanded or contracted to fit space constraints

  • Includes sound walls with overlapping baffles to let the wind pass through, minimizing noise migration during takeoff and landing

  • Includes photovoltaic receptors for solar recharging

  • Batteries to recharge the drones can be supplied from grid power or solar power, reducing environmental impacts

  • A living wall helps ease the transition from outside to inside space, while introducing the calming effects of a natural resource in a built environment

  • Offers the ability to change building materials over time, so they can be modified as technology evolves

  • Separates people movement from plane takeoff and landing, providing safety for passengers and workers

See Our Solution in Action